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  1. Quick Service.
  2. Our online estimator will give you an instant quote based on the current market value of your gadget. Our estimator calculates its value using data from many marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Rakuten and many more.

  3. Speedy Payment
  4. You will receive your payment within 1 business day.

  5. Easy Process
  6. All you need to know is your laptop's brand and model. Select the condition of your device and our online estimator will give you an instant quote.

  7. Accurate Quotes
  8. Our online estimator offer a range of option to select the exact condition of your device. We want to make sure you are getting the best value for your laptop.

  9. No hassles
  10. Our service is designed to make selling your laptop easy. No picture taking required. No metting with people and haggling. Simply get a quote online, ship your laptop and get paid.

  11. Earn More Cash
  12. Refer a friend and qualify for an extra bonus.


  1. Why choose Gadget Salvation?
  2. Whether you are looking to upgrade to the next laptop model or simply trying to get the most cahs for your used laptop, Gadget Salvation is the best option for you. Don't let your alptop collect dust. Get paid cash for your laptop.

  3. What's the best place to sell my laptop?
  4. This is a very common question. We know that you have many options to sell your laptop, to a friend, eBay, cragislist, etc. Each has its own benefits. When you sell to us, you not only get a reliable transaction, but also you get paid fast for your laptop. no dealing with hassle, returns, scams, market and price research, listing and many other tasks that other options require. With us you get transact easy, in a reliable way and get paid quick for your laptop.

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